The founders of Wholeheartedly wanted to create packaging for their ‘Mithai’ – Indian Sweets made using organic and pure ingredients with natural sources of sugar. They wanted the packaging to go have an earthy feel to go with their brand vision. For them we created:

  • Boxes for their Mithai using a natural colored card paper in keeping with the earthy image.
  • Food grade paper trays to fit inside the boxes for to put the Mithai in.
  • High quality stickers to put on the boxes with the Wholeheartedly logo using vibrant colors as this box was meant for the Indian festive season. We did stickers instead of printing on the box as it would be more cost effective for the client. We made more boxes and lesser stickers. The client could use the same boxes with different stickers for Christmas and so on.
  • High Quality Stickers to paste inside the boxes with the ingredients used to make the Mithai.

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