Trunk Affair

Trunk Affair

Trunk Affair is a brand that specialises in semi precious and fashion jewellery curated from around the globe.

Through a highly customized process we created

  • Two minimalist logos (Key logo and TTA) for Trunk Affair that go with the brand’s clean streamlined image.
  • The logos were applied to additional paper products including

1. Business cards

2. Price tags

3. Cards to include in packaging that thank Trunk Affair customers for their patronage.

4. Custom shopping bags for Trunk Affair customers

5. Custom seals for the shopping bags and envelopes

All paper printing was done on thick card stock cream paper in gold using a hand silk-screen process.

  • Three different sizes of velvet pouches with the logo foil stamped on them for Trunk Affair’s varied pieces of jewellery with gold beads on the sides for a special touch.
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