Royal Peacock

Royal Peacock

This is a commissioned bespoke wedding card created for our client by our team of designers, artists and printers. We custom design each piece according to client specifications and needs. Our custom design process is the ethos of our business and is what sets us apart.

Custom Design Process:

  • Book your consultation through our Contact Us page or by sending a message or via a phone call.
  • Meet with or talk to Jyoti to start your bespoke design journey with Veyadesigns. Give a brief of what you are looking for. We will discuss your sense of style, requirements and budget.
  • Get a set of designs from the Veyadesigns team. We will create a proposal with recommendations for you and make changes to the designs through our highly personalised process till you are entirely satisfied. We then work on creating samples for you and choose paper and printing processes together to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Get regular updates as your order goes from an idea into a concrete finished bespoke product
  • Receive your personalised commissioned order after thorough quality checks and inspections from the team at Veyadesigns.
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